Fully occupied apartment building offering an attractive annual interest rate

Total investors Funding target
€ 671,200 € 500,000
Holding period
This project has been successfully repaid.
6,0% Interest p.a.
12 Months ca. Term
  • Investment type Loan receivables
  • Interest payments Semi-annually
  • Funding threshold € 400,000
  • Funding target € 500,000
Note in accordance with section 12 (2) of the German Investment Act (Vermögensanlagengesetz):
The acquisition of this financial instrument involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital employed.

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Investment Overview

  • Investment Overview
  • Attractive interest rate of 6 % interest p.a. 
  • No fees for investors - neither premium nor ongoing management fee
  • Semi-annual interest payments
  • development of an existing property
  • Short term of 12 months (with an extension option of 3 months)

4 reasons to invest


Attractive location

The university town of Oldenburg is the third largest town in Lower Saxony and has about 168,000 inhabitants - and the number is rising. Forecasts assume a population growth of 6.6% from 2017 to 2031 to then 179,000 inhabitants. This way the
Demand for residential real estate remains high. The popular combination of urbanity and idyll are an important driver.

Great interest, short term

The interest rate of 6.0% p.a. represents a very attractive rate of return for residential portfolio properties. With a planned duration of twelve months, the project will be completed within a very manageable period for real estate. A plus is also the half-yearly interest rate. The first interest payment is already due on 31.12.2020. In the event of premature termination of the investment by the issuer, for the first time from the 9th month after the start of the loan, the lender is entitled to a one-off payment of a bonus interest of 2% p.a. in addition to the fixed interest rate, based on each month of the loan amount not taken up. This increases the lender's annual return.


The investment has several securities for the investor. The issuer offers investors security in the form of a subordinate land charge in the amount of the financing amount on the property as well as another property in the immediate vicinity of Lilienthalstrasse. In addition, the purchase price claims against all creditors including interest are assigned. In addition, the Issuer will not take up any further financing for the investment object which is equal to or has priority over the financing arranged by iFunded. In addition, the parent company d.i.i. Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH guarantees the full amount of the financing.

Short term

The Issuer is a subsidiary of d.i.i. Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH. The parent company was founded in 2006 and has since developed into a renowned housing company with 14,000 residential units. Deutsche Invest Immobilien manages real estate assets worth 2.3 billion euros.



The issuer d.i.i. 101 Immobilien GmbH is a subsidiary of d.i.i. Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH. The parent company was founded in 2006 and has since developed into a renowned asset manager with 178 employees. The aim is to increase the value of the residential properties in the portfolio through targeted investments.

Thanks to an extremely focused investment and development strategy in residential real estate in the catchment areas such as Northern Germany, Rhine-Main, Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Neckar, the co-investments generate returns that are above market levels. d.i.i. sees itself as a fully integrated asset manager that internally maps all value enhancement levers. The assets under management are currently around EUR 2.3 billion.



Project An apartment building
Usage Residential
Living space 1,301 m²
Occupancy rate Fully occupied
Location Lilienthalstraße 7-11, 26129 Oldenburg
Funding-Goal 500,000 €
Minimum duration 12 months
Repayment Sale of the property
Interest rate payments Every six months

Great Location

Mikrolage Oldenburg-Bloherfelde  

The residential building at Lilienthalstraße 7 to 11 is located in the Bloherfelde district, which is in the western part of Oldenburg. It is only three kilometres to the city centre. The neighborhood is characterized by high tree population and offers suburban charm. In addition, the surroundings are very green due to the Kennedy and Bloherfelder ponds, which provide excellent local recreation opportunities. The Carl von Ossietzky University and the city centre are also within easy reach. The Wildenloh forest and recreation area, which covers about 190 hectares, is very popular. Thanks to its excellent public transport links and long-distance travel, whether by train or car, Bloherfelde is also a suitable home for commuters.


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