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Transparent and secure platform. Fast transactions with no fees

Attractive returns

More than 5% p.a.
returns on our investments

Short term

1-5 Years
terms for our projects

Years of experience

Over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry

See your income growing

  • € 10,000
  • € 20,000
  • € 50,000
  • € 75,000
  • € 100,000

Compare with other investment opportunities:

  • € 7,000
  • € 6,000
  • € 5,000
  • € 4,000
  • € 3,000
  • € 2,000
  • € 1,000
  • + € 100
  • + € 100
  • + € 100
  • PlanetHome Investment

    Interest: 7 % p.a.

  • Large cap real estate stocks

    Interest: 2.5 % p.a.*

  • Savings account

    Interest: 1 % p.a.**

Invest 50000 now
and earn 3500

Investing with PlanetHome Investment will allow you to generate higher returns compared to typical bank savings account and real estate investment fund.

Investing on the investment platform PlanetHome Investment is completely free of fees or transaction costs.

* Average indicated return from large cap real estate stocks, e.g. Deutsche Wohnen SE, Vonovia SE ** Average returns from a savings account in Germany (as of 01.11.2017)

How to become a member?

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    Select a Property

    Decide on a project from the list of the real estate projects examined for you.

  • 2

    Make an Investment

    Complete your registration and make an investment in less than 5 minutes.

  • 3

    See your income growing

    Once your investment is approved, you will be able to track your performance and see regular investment updates.

How to invest 10,000 Euro sensibly

How to invest 10,000 Euro sensibly

How to invest 10,000 Euro sensibly
This is how it works in only 8 steps

This guide does not make you a star investor à la Warren Buffett. However, with this guide you will invest your savings much more sensibly than the majority of Germans. By the way: With this knowledge you can invest not only 10,000 Euro, but any amount of money. Interested? Then register directly at the bottom of our newsletter and you will receive the link to our eBook "How to invest 10,000 Euros sensibly" in order to download the PDF.

  • An easy to implement step-by-step guide
  • How to weight your portfolio correctly
  • How to find the right balance between return on investment and security needs

Our technology is your competitive advantage

In order to invest small amounts in the asset class real estate, there were only open-end property funds or real estate stocks.

Open-end funds: High fees, low return

Open property funds have very high fees and in many cases the performance was not satisfactory. Many investors have even lost money.

Real estate stocks: volatile and risky

Real estate stocks are highly volatile in the stock market, which means that despite a positive development of the real estate market, negative returns can occur.

Choose projects yourself

In both funds and shares, small investors cannot decide in which portfolio objects their money is invested in. With PlanetHome Investment the investor decides in which real estate he would like to invest in. He is the lender and receives a fixed interest rate of between 5% and 10% - depending on the risk of each individual project. In addition, the investor can receive real time information on the project he invested in.

Can the investor select the real estate property himself?
Does the investor receive regular reports on each real estate property?
Is the management of the real estate property taken care of?
Is the offer to investors free of charge?
Is there an agreed fixed rate of return?
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to view the entire table.

Indirect investments without fees

Until now, investors have always been charged fees for indirect real estate investments. The open-ended real estate funds have a sales charge and a management fee, there are order fees for the purchase of real estate shares, and closed-end real estate funds often incur very high soft costs to finance expensive sales.

With PlanetHome Investment, there are no fees for the investor. Thus, he can invest for the first time indirectly in real estate projects free of charge. All the costs are borne by the project developers.

Read more about how it works

Pre-vetted by real estate experts

In order to be able to correctly assess the opportunities and risks of real estate, it requires specialist expertise and many years of experience.

Before we offer investors a real estate project on our platform, our real estate experts intensively examine it and assign it to one of five risk classes. This principle sets us apart from many other crowdinvesting platforms.

Read more about our team

What our investors are saying…

  • "The platform is informative, clear and contains all the essential information. Investments in projects on the mobile phone are also very uncomplicated."

    Laura, 45 Berlin, Germany
  • "Very good and easy-to-understand platform where investing is no rocket science."

    Bernd, 53 Munich, Germany
  • "PlanetHome Investment allows me to diversify my portfolio and I can generate a high return with a short term investment horisont."

    Alexander, 60 Hamburg, Germany

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