Berlin, 25 May 2022 Within a few hours, the listed company PlanetHome Investment AG (WKN: A1A60A) has fully placed another project as part of a private placement. For the club deal in the city of Magdeburg, once again only selected members of the Premium Club were approached. This is made up of family offices and high-net-worth individuals. Investors enjoy the advantages of having a personal contact at PlanetHome Investment AG, being informed exclusively about new projects and receiving personal offers. The sum of around TEUR 500 was borne by only 5 members.

The latest real estate project is a listed property in the Leipziger Straße district of Magdeburg. The 17 residential units are to be completely renovated and then sold. The project is being carried out by experts in the field of refurbishing listed buildings – the AS Unternehmensgruppe.

In the future, the group will increasingly arrange financing for high-net-worth individuals and family offices. A separate department was recently established for this purpose. With the personal support of this customer group and the close contact, PlanetHome Investment AG has a unique selling point in the field of crowdinvesting for real estate projects.

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