Berlin, 25.09.2018 – iFunded, one of Germanys leading digital real estate investment platforms and the first to offer investments to institutional investors, announces a 4 million Euro Pre-Series A round of financing led by EVAN Group plc. along with former head of sales and managing director Citibank Fixed Income Asia, Torsten Pfeifer, now CEO Real Estate and Venture Capital Firm Treuenburg Group. Also participating in this financing round is previous investor Creathor Ventures as well as the founding shareholders Michael Stephan and 32nd Floor GmbH.

„We are convinced that digitalization is the future of real estate investment. iFunded has early on expanded its focus to institutional investors and is ahead concerning the integration
of blockchain technology“ says Dr. Michael Nave, CEO Evan Group, institutional proprietor and manager in commercial real estate.

iFunded’s second new investor, Torsten Pfeifer, affirms: „The iFunded Team pursues a forward-looking strategy in offering professional investors customized investment opportunities like bank loans, bonds, club deals and mezzanine financing by means of a digital platform. On top, iFunded is pointing the way by integrating blockchain technology now for more efficient investment processes and structuring new products.“

„This round of investment confirms our course and our vision to position iFunded as a digital real estate investment platform with products particularly tailored for institutional investors, says Michael Stephan, Founder and iFunded CEO. Now iFunded is open to institutional as well as private investors with direct access to suitable real estate projects. The company is planning to expand its department offering precise investment opportunities for institutional investors. “We are certain that more and more family offices, endowment funds, mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies will use digital platforms for their investments. iFunded offers access to carefully vetted real estate projects in a cost efficient and transparent manner “, Michael Stephan points out the advantages.

Recently Jan-Oliver Sell (42) joined iFunded as Chief Operating Officer (COO). He is in charge of fund structuring and reporting for institutional investors. Prior to that, Jan-Oliver worked at the investment bank Morgan Stanley. He is also responsible for the implementation of blockchain with iFunded’s second brand iEstate. iFunded is expanding its staff to grow the department supporting institutional investors and for the integration of blockchain technology.

iFunded started early in 2018 as the first online platform to offer products especially cut out for institutional investors comprising securities like debentures for real estate projects with a financing volume of up to the three digit million range. To ensure digital investment processes are absolutely secure, efficient and transparent, iFunded is working on the implementation blockchain technology.

About iFunded: is a Berlin based German online real estate investment platform for institutional and private investors, offering pre-vetted real estate investment opportunities. By using real estate developers and project owners can raise funds for their projects faster and cheaper than the traditional way. Institutional investors get exclusive access to a variety of on- and off market deals and invest into projects thoroughly vetted by iFundeds real estate expert team. Projects are sourced based on the individual investment strategy. iFunded just recently launched as a second brand implementing blockchain technology in the platform with the goal to make real estate investment transactions highly accessible, simple, transparent and more cost efficient.

About Evan Group plc:

Evan Group is an institutional proprietor and management firm for commercial real estate in Top-10 cities in Germany comprising 140.000 sqm of commercial and residential real estate properties worth over 370 million Euro.

About Treuenburg Group:

Treuenburg Group is a privately owned real estate and asset management firm with headquarters in Thuringia’s regional capital Erfurt, Germany. In regard to our joint corporate strategy, Treuenburg Group holds real estate and corporate investments.

About Creathor Ventures:
Creathor Ventures invests in technology-oriented, fast-growing companies in all stages of their development, especially in the fields of Specialized Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Industry Tech and Enabling Platforms. The regional focus is on Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and the Nordics. From its offices in Bad Homburg (Frankfurt) and Zurich, the team of 17 staff actively supports more than 30 tech and life science companies in development, growth and internationalization. Creathor Ventures’ management team consists of the Managing Partners Dr Gert Köhler, Karlheinz Schmelig and Cédric Köhler, and the Partners Christian Leikert and Christian Weniger. The team has been investing successfully in start-ups for over 30 years and has conducted more than 20 international IPOs during that time. Creathor Ventures currently manages funds of more than EUR 230 million. As the largest investor in its funds, the management underlines its entrepreneurial orientation.