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PlanetHome Investment company philosophy

PlanetHome Investment accompanies you as an investor throughout the entire equity crowdfunding process: from selecting the right real estate project for you from our platform, to the right investment strategy for you, to continuous information on your current investments. In order to provide you with a variety of real estate projects, we cooperate with national and international building contractors and project developers. Our investments are transparent - you can inform yourself on the progress of the project you invested in at any time online. Your private investor dashboard will supply you with current market data and reports.

Advisory Board

Team member
Einar Skjerven

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Einar Skjerven is the managing partner of the Skjerven Group. He has more than 25 years of experience in real estate, capital markets, asset and fund management. The Skjerven Group has already invested more than 1.7 billion euros in the German real estate market.
Team member
Dieter John

Supervisory Board Vice Chairman

Many years of national and international top management experience as CEO, CRO and CFO in renowned companies such as AERO Vodochody, Airbus, Bombardier and Eurocopter Proven success in the areas of strategic realignment, transformation and sustainable performance improvement of companies.
Team member
Hans-Peter Hesse

Supervisory Board Member

Mr Hans-Peter Hesse is Managing Director at Deutsche Wohnen Group. Mr. Hesse has decades of experience in the international real estate sector and was responsible, for example, for the acquisition of real estate for portfolios of over 7.5 billion euros.

About Us

PlanetHome Investment opens the world of real estate to any interested investor. We are a smart, digital platform, that brings private investors together with leading professional investors in the real estate industry for joint projects. This enables PlanetHome Investment investors access to exclusive project financing, which was previously reserved for institutional investors.

Best of all: Starting at an amount of 500 euros you can invest in a project selected by you!

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You already have experience with classic investments such as stocks, bonds and funds - but real estate investments are still new territory for you? Do not worry! Our experienced team will accompany and advise you throughout the investment process. PlanetHome Investment gives you all the tools to to help you find the right project for you, whose progress you can track online at any time. That way the success of your investment is always transparent.

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Invest in real estate!

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Diversify the risk like the pros

Real estate is a great anchor of stability in each portfolio. In comparison with other forms of investment, the returns from property develop relatively independently from the ups and downs of the financial markets. In addition, investments in real estate, especially in the residential segment, have shown to have a relatively low volatility relative to national and international market trends . The stable value of tangible assets such as real estate is therefore an excellent addition to any risk-diversified portfolio.

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Access to residential real estate investments

A simple registration is sufficient and you get the full access to our investment opportunities in Germany-wide real estate projects, which are provided by experienced developers after careful consideration.

And the best part: PlanetHome Investment is free for Crowd investors. Unlike providers of real estate funds or real estate stocks, we charge no fees and surcharges to investors who invest through our Platform. This way you can use your valuable asset to achieve the best possible return for you.

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