How it works for private investors

Create an account, choose a project and invest. Easy as that!

Create an account for free

To invest on iFunded you need to have an account with us. In just a few minutes you can easily create the account.

Create an account

Select real estate project

Now you can choose a project on our platform that fits your investment profile. Depending on the project you can invest starting from 500 Euros.

Select a project

Free of charge & easy to invest

At iFunded you invest 100% free of charge. Click "Invest now" and enter your desired investment amount. Then transfer the amount or use the direct debit system.

Legitimize once

According to the Money Laundering Act and Know Your Customer regulations, we are obliged to verify the identity of our investors. For this procedure we have a reliable partner - POSTIDENT by Deutsche Post AG. You can easily verify yourself online via video chat, or by going to Deutsche Post branch. The process is quick, easy and only needs to be done once.

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