Your tailor-made financing for every project

Up to 4 million euros and a term of 12 - 48 months

Fast, Reliable, Great Value for Money

Financing Tranches: Senior Debt, Mezzanine Debt, Total Financing Solutions

Project phase: Development, Existing Property, Refurbishment

Funding: all asset classes

Terms: 12 - 48 months

Volume: up to € 4 Mio.

Timeframe: confirmation of financing after receipt of all relevant documents within one week

Financing request

Before we activate your project on our platform for our investors, we carry out an extensive due diligence.

Inquiry &
submission of
required documents

Initial step

Initial Feedback,
Internal due diligence,
Term Sheet

Initial feedback - 2 days after inquiry

Internal due diligence - up to 10
days after inquiry

Term sheet - ready to sign within 12
days after inquiry

Due diligence,
funding period

This process can take 6-8 weeks depending
on the chosen structure and funding volume.


8-10 weeks after inquiry. Depending on the chosen structure and funding volume this can go down to as little as 4 weeks.

Full funding within 6-8 weeks after term sheet is signed

Inquiry &
submission of required documents
Initial feedback
Due diligence,
financing contract &

Full funding within 6-8 weeks after term sheet is signed

Your contact person

Would you like an initial assessment of your project on the phone? You can also make an appointment directly via our online tool.

Nikolai von Imhof
+49 30 555 728 550

How high is the required equity stake?

PlanetHome Investment offers you the opportunity to finance your real estate projects, given you hold at least 5% of the total required financing amount in equity.

What financing tranches can be covered through PlanetHome Investment and in what volume?

Mezzanine Debt – Euro 500k - 2,5m:

  • Debt Securities
  • Subordinated Loans
  • Junior Loans with covenants
  • Security Tokens (Debt and Equity based)

What is the typical duration of the financing period?

The financing period of a project typically lies between 12 and 48 months, depending on what stage in the development process a project is at. May vary depending on circumstances.

Which property types can be financed via PlanetHome Investment?

The following types of property are financed via our platform:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Retail
  • Boardinghouse / Serviced Apartment
  • Nursing homes
  • New build
  • Existing properties
For other property types, please contact us.

Which regions does PlanetHome Investment support real estate projects in?

PlanetHome Investment supports real estate projects throughout the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), however we are also branching out to other EU countries.

At which point in a project’s lifecycle, is it analysed by PlanetHome Investment?

PlanetHome Investment examines and reviews projects from initial constructional drawings upto the completion of the project. A building permit is not a prerequisite for a financing decision.

How is the security structure set up?

The security structure is dependant on each project. The registration of a land charge is often preferred, but is not essential.

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